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International Journal of Maritime Crime & Security (IJMCS)

The International Journal of Maritime Crime and Security (IJMCS) is a peer reviewed Journal and will be the first high-quality multi/interdisciplinary journal devoted to the newly identified field and academic discipline of maritime security and to the study of maritime crime. The latter has been neglected, as the scientific study of crime has remained essentially landlocked.

The main aim of the Journal is to fill the need for a high-quality multi/interdisciplinary maritime crime and security journal, providing a high-level forum for papers that draw together different strands and disciplines, which are not catered for sufficiently by existing literature.

Scope of the Journal
The seas and oceans cover 70 percent of the earth’s surface, and 90 percent of world trade by volume travels by sea. Maritime crime is a growth area, both in terms of its profitability in a world where the volume of maritime trade is increasing year-by-year, but also a subject for professional and academic study. However, of all disciplines, the study of crime, criminology, has neither actively presented itself as relevant for, nor has it been paid attention to by maritime (security) studies, whereas their intersection makes total sense. The Journal addresses this new academic discipline.

The Journal will cover the following, broadly constructed and interpreted, disciplines as they relate to maritime security:

  • Social, geographical and political dimensions of maritime crime and security, to include Ocean governance and the law of the sea
  • Conventional defense and security, including the seas as a platform for the deployment of Weapons of Mass Destruction and a conduit for weapons proliferation
  • Marine insurance and maritime law
  • Maritime crime and the organised criminal business model, including piracy and armed robbery at sea, smuggling of all kinds, people trafficking and illegal migration and stowaways
  • illegal, Unregulated and Unreported fishing
  • Illegal dumping, pollution, and environmental damage
  • Offshore energy exploitation, whether fossil fuels or renewable, and mineral exploitation
  • Environmental security
  • Resilience and Disaster Management
  • Human security, human factors, and psychology
  • IT and Cyber-Security
  • Utilisation of Private Maritime Security Companies
  • Security Risk assessment and management
  • Port Facility Security Management

IJMCS will publish research papers that contain sufficient scholarly content to support the IJMCS’s inter /multi-disciplinary objectives. All papers will be reviewed according to the Journal’s criterion. The Journal’s website is 

For further information, please write to Managing Editor via or

Number of Issues: Twice a year (June & December)
Review process: Double blind
Time of review: 4-6 weeks
Number of papers to be published: 10-12


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