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Email: david@davidnordell.com

CSCSS Senior Vice President, International Cyber Strategy, Policy and Law, Centre for Strategic Cyberspace & Security Science, UK

David Nordell is CSCSS’ Senior Vice President for International Cyber Strategy, Policy and Law. In this senior leadership role, he is responsible for both development of the organisation’s relations with national governments and international organisations, in order to influence the formation of cyber strategy, and CSCSS’ internal strategy. In addition, David is leading CSCSS’ initiatives on cyber-security issues of international strategic importance, especially our upcoming international conferences on cyber threats to the global maritime industry and other critical national and international infrastructures. David Nordell has a rich background spanning 35 years in journalism, economic and technology policy, high-tech entrepreneurship, international security, financial intelligence and cyber-security. He was a correspondent for the Associated Press in Israel and after several more years as a freelancer, became a consultant to Israel’s science and technology ministry and simultaneously to the Israel Export Institute: in these roles he developed and executed the international information campaign during the 1990s to promote the Israeli economy to partner states and major corporations; and was the first professional adviser to the Israeli government on Internet and IT infrastructure. He was also a member of the Israeli government committee that initiated the MAGNET programme for generic pre-competitive research and development, which is now the government’s leading funding programme for early-stage R&D. Since 2000 he has worked mainly as a technology entrepreneur and consultant on cyber-security and other areas of security. This period has included working as an invited expert and independent evaluator of European Union security research and development projects.

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